The Whiskey Priest

Value Char Cost Roll Notes
  STR     kg, Dam:
  DEX     OCV: , DCV:
  INT     PER:
  EGO     ECV:
  SPD   Phases:
Cost Skills Roll
  PS: Priest 11-
Combat Skills

Martial Arts: Boxing

Maneuver OCV DCV Damage
Block +2 +2 Block, Abort
Clinch -1 -1 Grab Two Limbs, +10
Cross +0 +2 STR +2d6 Strike
Hook -2 +1 STR +4d6 Strike
Lang: English, native
1 Lang: Latin, fluent
Cost Disadvantages
Characteristics     Base Points
Skills / Talents     Disadvantages
Total   =   Total

"Let's just get one thing clear, right here and right now. You think I'm a drunk. Well, I am a drunk. I drink, I cuss, and I get into trouble. But if you'd seen some of things that I'd seen, you would too. They call this place, 'Toronto the Good'. Well, that's just the parts that most people see. Me, I've seen poverty, misery, and demonic horrors from other dimensions. I've seen things that ate my parishoners alive. I've seen horrific cult murders.

"And, at times, I suspect that my bosses know more about all this than they let on.

"All that, and people come to me for uplifting spiritual guidance. Gimme another swig of that bottle, kid."

Comments: The Whiskey Priest manages to keep faith, but he knows... he knows what's out there.

Special Abilities: The Whiskey Priest has learned one important power: exorcism. Sometimes it has even worked for him. And he can bless water into holy water.

When he was a bit younger, he used to coach boxing to orphans. He can still spar, but his right hook isn't what it used to be.

Identifying Quote: "So this priest goes into a bar... no, it's a joke. Really."


  • Cross
  • Bible
  • Holy water
  • Clothes

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