Everyone Skills


Everyone in the UnSeen Toronto campaign has the following skills:

FAM: Acting
FAM: Climbing
FAM: Concealment
FAM: Conversation
FAM: Deduction
FAM: KS: (Area) [neighbourhood]
Lang: [native language]
FAM: Paramedic
FAM: Persuasion
PS: [occupation]
FAM: Shadowing
FAM: Stealth
Transport FAM: Cars/Pickups/Ambulance/Taxi

My observation is that most Hero characters seem to ignore Everyone Skills. So, for example, a simple police officer character usually ends up paying 2 points for PS: Police Officer, when I figure that the character should have that as an Everyone Skill.


Comments on Skills


Combat Driving

The rules say that characters automatically gets one Transport Familiarity with Combat Driving -- I assume that the Everyone Skill of Transport FAM: Cars/Pickups/Ambulance/Taxi is the "free" familiarity.

Computer Programming

A character with familiarity (1 point) in computer programming is a basic user, able to start up the operating system, send e-mail, connect to the internet, use word processors, spreadsheets, and other simple applications.


The optional Language table applies.

Power: Magic

This is the basic spellcasting skill used for ceremonial (and related) magic.


Comments on Perks


Computer Link

Here are some of the major computer links in UnSeen Toronto:

RCMP Database (6 points): Includes information on many people in Canada, including criminal records, addresses, changes of name, etc. Also includes notes about cases, missing persons, etc.

Toronto Police Database (4 points): Includes criminal record information for people in Toronto, cases, etc.


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