Media Organizations


The Globe and Mail: Dubbed "Canada's National Newspaper", it is sometimes considered "Toronto's National Newspaper" by people who live outside of Toronto. This paper the major national newspaper in the country. The Globe tries to target itself to the politically middle-of-the-road, although as it tends to be a business paper, its leanings are pro-big business.

The Toronto Star: Not many people realize that when Superman comics were first written in the '30s, Clark Kent worked for the Daily Star, rather than the Daily Planet. This is the paper that inspired those early comics. The Toronto Star is a relatively liberal paper.

The Toronto Tattler: The home of the yellowest of yellow journalism, the Toronto Tattler publishes editorial pieces masquerading as news, and props up its sales by publishing pictures of half-naked women on its infamous "Page 3". Its readership tends to consist mainly of blue-colour workers, and its politics are decidedly conservative.


Ann Belmont: Ann is a prize-winning crime reporter for the Toronto Star. She's young and perky, but also won't let go of a story if she smells one. She's an idealist, and believes in the importance of the free press.

Parker Carlysle: Parker is an annoying editorial columnist for the Globe and Mail. Or so everyone thinks. In truth, Parker is an associate of St. John Forsythe of The Lodge. He's Forsythe's eyes and ears in the Toronto media world. An older man, with perpetually disdainful look on his face, Parker worms his way into important functions, high-society events, and anything that might interest The Lodge.

Harvey Garvey: Harvey never noticed that Miami Vice went off the air. With his three-day growth of beard and his pastel T-shirt under a loose jacket, Harvey thinks of himself as a sweet talker and a reporter-extraordinaire. In truth, he has no scrupples, and will do whatever it takes to find a story that will get him a front-page headline... even if that means he has to invent everything. Fortunately, his employers at the Toronto Tattler don't seem to mind his somewhat loose relationship with the truth.




Toronto TV: This independent television station prides itself on its hipness. Its news programming is flashy and upbeat, its graphics and logos are high-tech and glitzy, and it holds on to its popularity by giving its viewers lots of opportunities to express their opinions. Few people have noticed that it doesn't really have a lot to say.




CBC Radio: Canada's federally-funded radio station is probably the media organization with the most integrity. Although they are often fending off federal budget cuts, the CBC is the premiere radio station in the country.


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