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Shadra is the theological centre of the Empire, for it was on this world that the Shadu people and their religion originated. During the days of the Holy Shadu Empire, the Shadu took their religion out to hundreds of other worlds, and today, it is the official religion of the Empire of the Thirteen. Shadra has more than just a historical significance to the Imperial religion; the world is also viewed as a physical manifestation of the First Goddess, Shadra - the mother of the Thirteen Gods. To many orthodox believers, the planet Shadra and the goddess Shadra are one in the same.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the central headquarters of the Imperial Religion is located on Shadra. The city of Shadrakel is the official residence of the First Priestess, and is also where the Rede Assembly meets to discuss theological matters.

World Data

Stellar Data:
Primary Name:Xijn
Star Type:G0 IV
Spectral Class:
Stellar Diameter:
Orbit Data:
Mean Orbital Radius:
Orbital Period:
Oribital Eccentricity:
Planetary Data:
Surface Gravity:
Rotation Period:
Axial Tilt:
Orbital Eccentricity:
Hydrographic Percentage:
Atmospheric Pressure:
Atmospheric Composition:
Natural Satellites:
Mean Surface Temperature:
Total Population:



The largest city on Shadra, Shadrakel is noted for being the site of the official residence of the First Priestess. The twin spires of the residence building are the tallest structures in Shadrakel, and give the city its unique skyline. Also located in Shadrakel is the large arena-like building where the Rede Assembly sits in session.

Every year, millions of Imperial citizens come on a religious pilgrimage to Shadrakel, to bathe in the Blood River, and to visit historic momuments of theological significance.


Kester is centre of the planetary government on Shadra. Shadra is the capital of one of the four grand fiefs of the Empire, and the archducal palace is the main feature of the city. The present Archduke Shadra is Malithorr of the House of Seriss.


Atmankel, in addition to housing the Temple of Atman, is also where Shadra’s main starport is located.

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