The Kindred

The Ghiansu -- "Kindred", in their native language -- are a race of militaristic humans. They extoll strength above all else, and are perceived as very bigotted people. The Kindred males are trained in fighting techniques from a very early age and most spend at least some time in the Imperial military.


Kindred Ship

Kindred society is very clearly divided into an upper class and lower class. The upper class consists of nobles and people who are related to the nobility. The lower classes are all commoners.

Despite recent attempts at social change, Kindred society is riddled with bigotry. They practise extreme sexism and Kindred women are virtually unseen by other races. Although, in general, Kindred women are relegated to domestic roles, a few women have become warriors, and have achieved respect from their male peers - but not before several years of extreme discrimination.

Kindred literature and art are rather primitive, since quiet contemplation is not encouraged by the society. The most respected art form is the epic poem, usually glorifying war and the military life.

Kindred believe the strong should rule, or even destroy, the weak. The extolled virtues are those of warriors: bravery, loyalty to the Kindred race, and respect towards equals and superiors. Men are required to join the military for at least two terms of duty, and it is considered a high honour to remain in the military as a lifetime career.

While Kindred men have a strong code of honour, Kindred oaths should only be relied upon when issued publically, and only when a Kindred cannot avoid being caught in a deceit.

Science and medicine are traditionally looked upon with scorn on the Kindred worlds, but the Imperial nobility has tried to change the image of these professions.

The Cantor

Unknown to many in the Empire, there is a second Kindred culture, the Cantor, who live in Garro's Cantokk province. The Cantor are small in numbers, although they are expert fighters, and have never been successfully defeated by the Kindred monarchy. However, when the Empire defeated the Kindred a hundred and fifty years ago, they didn't realize that the Cantor was a distinct nation-state, and that they did not participate in the war. To this day, many Cantor deny that they are part of the Empire.

The Cantor have many different values from the rest of the Kindred: they do not harbor the same feelings of bigottry, and although they are exceptional warriors, they also value science, mathematics, astronomy and conservationism.


Although expert warriors, the Kindred were defeated by the superior equipment and numbers of the imperial military, and the Kindred were absorbed into the Empire. The Kindred still retain a fiercly independant culture, although they are politcally tied to the Empire.


The Kindred government is run by the nobility. The Kindred were originally a monarchy, and when they became part of the Empire, the Emperor chose to recognize the Kindred nobility, and granted each Kindred noble an Imperial title. The former Kindred King became the first Duke of the Kindred Realms.

In recent years, the Kindred have lobbied strongly for the Duke to be elevated to the first Archduke Garro.


Many Kindred commoners are farmers, and hence, foodstuffs are exported in large quantities. The Kindred have recently become leaders in weapons technology, even though they have traditionally had to import almost all advanced technology. All major corporations are owned by the nobility


Cantor Zyu

This terrorist organization first appeared 55 years ago, when then-Emperor Deyius officially rejected the Cantor's request for independence, and firmly established Duke Garro as ruler of the Cantokk provinces.

After the first wave of terrorist acts, the Cantor Zyu were relatively inactive for several decades. Recently, this group has been more active.


Race: Kindred
Native Designation:Homo Sapian Ghiansu
Form:Multicellular Carbon Based, 80kg ave, 4 EP
Physical Exterior:Skin (with hair follicles, 1 EP
Cardio- vascular:Close Centralized, 1 heart, 5 EP
 Fluid Type: Warm Blooded, 4 EP
Respiratory:Air lungs, hold breath 5 min, 6 EP
Bio-Stats:Life Span: 60 years (unaugmented) 12 EP
Sleep Time: 30% of the time, 5 EP
Radiation, Extreme, Stunning, -4 EP
Vacuum, Strong, Killing, -5 EP
Immunities: G-Force, 8 Gs, 4 EP
Locomotion:Biped, Lateral Walker, 4 EP
Partial Swim, 2 EP
Feeding Method:Omnivore, 4 EP
Sensory:Sight, Optical, 4 EP
Smell, 3 EP
Taste, 2 EP
Touch, Direct, 2 EP
Hearing, Sonic, 3 EP
Neural:Neuro-electrochemical, centralized, 5 EP
Special Features:Secondary limbs, 1 pair, 4 EP
Fine manipulators (both limbs), 6 EP
Visage manipulators (on feet), 0 EP
Visage tail, 0 EP
Crushing jaw, 1 EP
Racial Complications:none
Scale:x1 Human scale
Total Points:75 EP
OP Cost:0 OP

The Kindred are human. They stand approximately 1.8 metres in height and weigh about 80 kilograms. The majority of Kindred are physically fit, although scars and battle wounds are common.

The Kindred tend to lack racial diversity. Many centuries ago, the Kindred monarchy implemented several fascist policies. These policies promoted a Kindred physical ideal -- tall with dark hair and a swarthy complexion. Today, blonde or red hair is almost unknown among full-blooded Kindred.

The Cantor

The Cantor are a distinct racial group within the Kindred, although they are considerably smaller in numbers. Although Kindred fascism was never implemented in the Cantokk province, their racial appearance is similar -- they are tall, with dark hair, and reddish-brown skin. One of the key differences between the Cantor and other Kindred is the Cantor's lack of facial hair.

Albinism is quite common among the Cantor; many Cantor consider albinos to be supernaturally gifted warriers, and they are often well-trained.

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