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Tranny Towers was originally created by Diana Green in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Here's a sample of the original strip.

Diana's bio from The Gay League reads:

Diana Green is 44 years old, bisexual, and a post-operative transsexual. Since her last Gay Comics appearance, she has been staff cartoonist for the sadly demised Transisters magazine; she now cartoons for the Transsexual News Telegraph. Her strip "Tranny Towers" ran in Minneapolis' Lavender Magazine from January 1995 through May 1996. In Fall '98 she will enter her senior year as a comic book illustration major at Minnepaolis College of Art & Design. She's recently finished a design and illustration assignment for the Minnesota AIDS project. Everyone's sick of her bragging about her brief apprenticeship with Reed Waller, so she won't do so here. Email her at

Tranny Towers strip Copyright © 1996 by Diana Green, used by permission. Other text and logos Copyright © 2002 by B.C. Holmes. Last updated September 8th, 2002
Transgender logo Copyright © by Nancy Reynolds Nangeroni, Ninja Design.

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